Longfellow Elementary

Longfellow Elementary School is an educational community that strives to provide a challenging and engaging educational experience for all students.  Our partnership with teachers, staff, parents, District Office, and community work together to empower Longfellow scholars to become critical thinkers who are skilled in reading, speaking and speaking, and most notably, writing.


Our students and families are welcomed by committed teachers and support staff members who strive to deliver the best possible education to all students.  Each day, we challenge ourselves to provide a positive, safe, stimulating and student-centered environment that promotes perseverance, responsibility, safety and respect.


We are glad to have you onboard as parents and supporters, and we look forward to continuing creating enriching experiences for our young scholars.  You are invited to come and visit our school and witness the teaching and learning that is taking place in each one of the classrooms.  I encourage you to join our efforts as we continue to challenge our students to reach extraordinary limits!